Since 1974, and with 20 years of experience managing institutional/pension plan capital Fengate Real Estate has been strategically developing and managing real estate assets across multiple asset classes and the risk-return spectrum.

We are focused on delivering exceptional value-add to our investors through our disciplined approach to sourcing, developing and managing unique opportunities in the following strategies:

land entitlement box
build to core box
Opportunistic box

We offer a comprehensive, integrated platform which manages transactions through the entire lifecycle of real estate, from land entitlement, development and stabilization to ongoing active asset management. Once an asset is stabilized, our in-house asset management team is focused on proactive leasing, detailed performance tracking, and determination of the highest and best use strategies. On an ongoing basis, the Fengate Real Estate team is strategically reviewing the management of revenue and expenses of the real estate portfolio, analyzing performance, and identifying opportunities for growth.


The multi-disciplinary Fengate Real Estate team is comprised of more than 40 real estate professionals with decades of experience from across the industry, enabling us to offer our clients a comprehensive and integrated platform providing best-in-class asset and investment management along with robust development capabilities. With deep expertise across our investment, development, leasing, asset management, operations and finance divisions, the vertical integration of our team enhances our ability to source, structure and manage high-quality projects across a range of asset classes.

Active Developments

Fengate has managed more than 75 real estate properties and investments, to date, with a project value of more than $10.4 billion, of which $8.9 billion is under active development or undergoing stabilization.

Fengate’s active portfolio of both commercial and residential developments is located in strategic urban and suburban nodes across Ontario.

Impact Investing

Our Mission Statement: we deliver excellent investment results and fulfill lives through the impact of our work.

At Fengate, we understand that growing our communities is fundamental. Our commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance defines great stewardship across our firm, our stakeholders and their property investments, and the communities we work in, creating the foundation for better informed decisions for the long-term horizon.

Our portfolio across office, retail, industrial, multi-family, student housing, and retirement communities, reflects this commitment. The Fengate Real Estate team understands our work is about not only buildings and land, but about people, neighbourhoods, vibrant communities, and sustainability. Though our integrated investment platform and in close alignment with our investors, we work hard to address and bring our vision to senior housing needs; purpose-built, transit-oriented rental housing needs; student housing needs; and the critical importance of progressive environmental and social impact with investments.

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