Established in 2016, Fengate Private Equity is a Toronto-based investment platform focused on partnering with growth-oriented businesses in the business services and industrials, healthcare, and consumer products and services sectors. With more than $700M in assets under management, our mission is to partner with entrepreneurs to help them realize their growth ambitions and drive lasting positive change in their businesses – an approach we describe as providing Transformative Capital.

Transformative Capital

With a 50-year entrepreneurial history, we understand the challenges presented with scaling a business. Our Transformative Capital approach was designed to help our partners elevate their businesses’ trajectory by navigating the challenges and opportunities presented through growth.

Strong Partnerships

Building partnerships is at the centre of what we do. Rooted in our core values of Alignment, Transparency and Trust, our active partnership approach sets the foundation required to adapt to the evolving demands of scaling a business.

Customized Solutions

Our approach combines bespoke financial solutions suited to the needs of our partners while leveraging our experience and resources to anticipate and navigate the obstacles presented through growth.

Institutional Scale

With more than $8B AUM and 230 employees, the Fengate platform provides extensive network, corporate resources, and capabilities delivering institutional scale and differentiated success for our partners beyond traditional private equity firms.

How We Add Value

Our Transformative Capital has helped create significant value for our portfolio companies by helping our entrepreneurial partners accelerate the evolution of their businesses. We create value through our 3 Step Value Creation process:

Strengthen the Foundation
Strengthen the Foundation

All great businesses need a strong foundation. Through joint planning and collaboration, we work with our partners to ensure appropriate investment is made in the systems, processes and people required for the future.

Build to Scale
Build to Scale

With a strong foundation set, our focus shifts to building scale. However, not all growth is created equal. Through our strategic guidance and leveraging the Fengate network, we help our partners to identify and execute on accretive growth opportunities.

Continuously Improve
Continuously Improve

Continuous improvement is at the heart of our Fengate culture. We seek to combine our collective talents with our partners to create a powerful engine driving continuous improvement by evaluating and experimenting with new ways to create value and opportunities for the business, its employees and communities.

Hear From Our Partners

Heather Shantora
Heather Shantora
President and CEO, GraceMed

Fengate has strongly supported myself and the Management Team to accelerate the growth of our platform. They have worked alongside our entire team to actively provide strategic support in a variety of ways. In my experience, Fengate’s values align with GraceMed’s commitment to providing first-rate service and high-quality outcomes for all of our clients, physicians, and practitioners.

Douglas Grace
Dr. Douglas Grace
Founder and Chief Medical Officer, GraceMed

Fengate have been great partners to our team at GraceMed. They have integrated well with our team quickly and have helped augment our financial and deal making capabilities. As a company that focuses on our patients and their outcomes, our choice of a financial partner was very important. Fengate’s support and company culture have fit incredibly well with our entrepreneurial and rapidly growing business.

Jeffrey W. Clarke
Jeffrey W. Clarke
President and CEO, Inflector Environmental Services

Given Inflector’s roots as entrepreneurial, family-owned business, it was important for us to partner with someone who understands the importance of investing in our people. Fengate have been great partners, not only in sharing our vision for the next stages of growth, but also by bringing the entire Fengate platform to support us in helping achieve that growth. We’re now more confident than ever in the long term potential of our company.

Ken Sweeney
Ken Sweeney
Chief Financial Officer, York1

We are impressed with Fengate's investment approach because it gave us the resources we needed to meet our strategic growth plan and empowered us to deliver an expanded service offering to our customer base.

Todd Coleman
Todd Coleman
Founder, President and CEO, eStruxture Data Centers

When it to comes to the Fengate partnership, we knew right from the beginning that we would be a great fit not only from a vision and strategy perspective, but from a relationship, and cultural one, as well. Seven years into this relationship, we are proud to say that we have grown into the largest privately-held data center platform in Canada.

Partnership Criteria

We seek to identify scalable platforms led by high-quality entrepreneurs and management teams in the expansionary stage of their business.

Business Profile:
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Financial Criteria

Investment: $25M to $75M
EBITDA: up to $30M

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Sector Focus

Business Services and Industrials
Consumer Products and Services

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Influential Equity Positions
(30% to 80% ownership)

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North America

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Capital Structure

Common Equity
Preferred Equity
Structured Equity

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Capital Uses

Primary Capital
Secondary Capital (Liquidity Solutions)

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Our Commitment to ESG

At Fengate, we understand that growing our communities is fundamental to our work. Our commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance defines great stewardship across our firm, our stakeholders and their property investments, and the communities we work in, creating the foundation for better informed decisions for the long-term horizon.




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