Corporate Team
  • Thomas Charnock

    Thomas Charnock

    Managing Director, Special Opportunities

  • Luke Henderson

    Luke Henderson

    Managing Director, Investor Relations and Capital Formation

  • Greg Buxton

    Greg Buxton-Forman

    Senior Vice President, Finance

  • Anna Chiarini

    Anna Chiarini

    Senior Vice President, Internal Operations

  • Craig Dameron

    Craig Dameron

    Senior Vice President, Human Resources

  • Amy Holmes

    Amy Logan Holmes

    Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications

  • Dinesh Ramanathan

    Dinesh Ramanathan

    Senior Vice President, Legal

  • Steven Sokalsky

    Steven Sokalsky

    Senior Vice President, Legal

  • Tara Speers

    Tara Speers

    Senior Vice President, Investor Relations

  • Ryan Cavanagh

    Ryan Cavanagh

    Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis

  • Ali Nathaniel

    Ali Nathaniel

    Vice President, Corporate Finance

  • Corey MacGregor

    Corey MacGregor

    Vice President, Investor Relations

  • Kazim Somji

    Vice President, Information Technology

  • Kathleen Wheelihan

    Kathleen Wheelihan

    Vice President, Investor Relations

  • Matthew Timbrell

    Matthew Timbrell

    Vice President, Investments and Capital Formation

  • Jeff Cohen

    Jeff Cohen

    Director, Information Technology

  • Nick Leon

    Nick Leon

    Director, Investor Relations and Capital Formation

  • Jadran MacLeod

    Jadran MacLeod

    Director, Employee Engagement

  • Kimberly McLeod Portrait

    Kimberly McLeod

    Director, Learning and Development

  • Kelly Millar

    Kelly Millar

    Director, Talent Aquisition

  • Laurel ONeil

    Laurel O’Neil

    Director, Internal Operations

  • Alvin Tam

    Alvin Tam

    Director, Tax

  • Della Wang

    Della Wang

    Director, ESG

  • Zale Skolnik

    Zale Skolnik

    Legal Counsel

  • Richard Barrett

    Richard Barrett

    IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance Manager

  • Neil Bourque

    Neil Bourque

    Manager, Financial Reporting

  • Elenore Breslow

    Elenore Breslow

    Manager, ESG and Sustainability

  • Chester Jardine

    Chester Jardine

    Senior IT Systems Manager

  • Gea Koleva

    Gea Koleva

    Manager, Marketing and Communications

  • Dale Gago

    Dale Gago

    Marketing and Communications Business Partner

  • Kate McAleese

    Talent Acquisition Business Partner

  • Karen Seow

    Karen Seow

    Manager, Corporate Finance

  • Vincent Tam

    Vincent Tam

    Manager, Corporate Finance

  • Tenny Silva

    Tenny Silva

    Manager, Accounting Operations

  • Lauren Soave

    Lauren Soave

    Senior Project Manager

  • Karla Ng

    Karla Ng

    Senior Associate, Investor Relations

  • Juliana Cerato

    Associate, Investor Relations

  • Michael Goodman

    Michael Goodman

    Associate, Investor Relations

  • Kira Serafini

    Kira Serafini

    Associate, Investor Relations and Capital Formation