Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Our commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility and corporate governance defines great stewardship across our firm, our stakeholders and the communities we work in, creating the foundation for better informed decisions for the long-term horizon.

We are signatories of the United Nations-supported Principles of Responsible Investment and we integrate ESG principles into all stages of our investment process. Read the Fengate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Overview.

Fengate 2021 ESG Policy
Fengate ESG Case Study
Sustainability-Related Disclosures

Corporate Social Responsibility

Acting responsibly toward our stakeholders, our communities and those in need is fundamental to our culture and our business. One cannot have a complete picture of our firm without an understanding of our deep commitment to positive social impact, to corporate responsibility, and to giving back.

At the heart of our community efforts is the Fengate Community Foundation (FCF), established in 2010 to enhance Fengate’s philanthropic efforts and establish a more structured way of giving. The FCF is an approximately $2 million grant by Fengate that is administered by the Hamilton Community Foundation, ensuring donations and support reach causes and programs with the most need, within Canada and abroad.

In addition to FCF, Fengate directly donates hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours every year in support of community and charitable organizations and events across Canada and the United States. Recent highlights include:

Fengate Recreation Fund

The new outdoor facility and Fengate Recreation Fund granting program together represent a new $1 million gift to the city.

Charity Toy Drive

The Fengate team donated toys, books and sports gear to local communities to encourage physical activity and support children who were not able to participant due to economic differences.

St. Felix Centre Volunteer Project

The Private Equity Team gives back to those in the local community who are experiencing poverty, trauma, violence, abuse, malnutrition, mental illness, addiction and homelessness.

The Shoebox Project for Shelters

The Shoebox Project delivers gifts to over 36,500 women in 250+ communities across North America. Let’s reduce the feeling of isolation for women in crisis.

Louis Serafini Community Day

The Helping Hands Project provides and builds prosthetic hands that are then donated to amputee landmine victims throughout the developing world.