Martin Klepper

Martin Klepper, Chairman, US Infrastructure, recently published the article “Financing America’s Infrastructure Needs: Low-Cost Federal Loans Available Now from the Build America Bureau at USDOT” with the Mineta Transportation Institute. As the former Executive Director of the Build America Bureau at the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), Marty discusses how the Biden administration has an opportunity to immediately increase investment in transportation infrastructure by utilizing existing USDOT financing programs. The Bureau’s TIFIA and RRIF loan programs could provide up to $100 billion of very attractive low-cost financing for roads, bridges, ports, freight and transit facilities and a wide range of rail projects, without the need for any new federal legislation.

Marty is a recognized as an expert in financing infrastructure and public private partnerships (P3s). He was approved by President Obama in 2016 as the first Executive Director of the Build America Bureau at USDOT, where he was responsible for loan programs including TIFIA and RRIF. The Bureau also promotes P3s and assists state and local governments in developing and financing P3 transactions.

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