NRStor C&I

Ontario, Canada

Realized Investment

Established in late 2016, NRStor C&I L.P. is a turn-key energy-as-a-service provider to commercial, industrial and institutional customers as well as utilities across North America. With energy storage being a focal point of its offering, NRStor C&I provides its services under a turn-key build, own and operate business model where no-capital outlay or operational expertise is required from the customer. NRStor C&I offers stand-alone, renewable coupled energy storage systems, as well as microgrids which are centrally managed through its state-of-the-art operational platform. Fengate purchased an interest in Q4 2018 of NRStor C&I, a former subsidiary of NRStor Inc. After rapidly delivering upon its growth strategy and becoming the largest behind-the-meter energy storage provider in Ontario, NRStor C&I was poised to deliver on a major expansion into the US. This provided a catalyst for exit to a leading international private equity firm, who was ideally suited to support NRStor C&I’s expansion into the US.

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