Founded in 2016, Fengate Private Equity is a Toronto-based private equity platform focused on providing growth capital to support the ambitions of North American entrepreneurs and operators. We seek partnership opportunities in the middle market across the business services, healthcare, and information technology industries.

Core Values

Every partnership is unique; however, all strong partnerships share common characteristics including being communicative, accessible, adaptable, and supportive. Establishing strong entrepreneurial partnerships is top priority as it allows all of our resources to be focused on driving the intended outcomes. We believe strong partnerships are rooted in the following core values:

Investment Approach

We seek to identify scalable business platforms led by high-quality entrepreneurs and management teams in the expansionary stage of their business. Developed to accelerate the growth trajectory of our partners, our Transformative Capital investment approach is to work closely with ambitious operators, providing them with the necessary capital, resources and strategic guidance to elevate and cause a long and lasting positive change in their business. We define Transformative Capital as the intersection of:

Financial Capital

We develop a bespoke solution tailored to the growth and corresponding capital needs of each specific business.

Human Capital

We employ an operator-centric portfolio management model and are hands-on investors that are highly engaged in our portfolio companies beyond monthly reports and quarterly board meetings.

Strategic Capital

We leverage the breadth and depth of the Fengate Asset Management platform to provide unique market access, strategic relationships, and origination opportunities to help drive business transformation.

Successful Partnerships

Entrepreneurship is a scarce resource. We recognize the challenges that entrepreneurs face in driving growth, and the tenacity and agility required to capitalize on growth opportunities. Our operator-centric partnership approach, combined with our Fengate playbook, provides the foresight and adaptability to support our entrepreneurial partners navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by growth.

Our successful partnerships to date have created $2.1B in total realized value, and on these investments Fengate has achieved a 3.0x+ multiple on invested capital. Our current growth portfolio holdings have seen average compounded annual growth rates of 33.3 percent on revenue and 26.5 percent on EBITDA.