Patrick Freer

Senior Vice President, Asset Management

As the commercial and relationship lead for Fengate’s asset management team, Patrick is responsible for both construction and operations of each project, as well as ongoing client communications and business development. His role includes overseeing the asset management team’s proactive engagement with our clients and partners to ensure that highly complex projects are completed on time and on budget and, during operations, that project deliverables, asset performance and stakeholder expectations are achieved.

Prior to joining Fengate in 2014, Patrick worked in P3 and private sector construction, project management and bid management on projects throughout North America with Graham Construction, Bilfinger Project Investments, Acciona and Stantec Consulting. He has spent the majority of his career with a specific focus on construction administration, legal and commercial negotiations, risk analysis and mitigation, as well as project management on jobs ranging from C$50M to C$1B.

Patrick holds a B.Sc. in civil engineering from the University of Alberta and his Master of Business Administration, specializing in finance, from the University of British Columbia.