Jennifer Chizen Portrait

Jennifer Chizen

Project Director, Asset Management

Jennifer Chizen currently serves as Project Director, Asset Management, as a part of the infrastructure team. In her role, Jennifer is involved with project development, design, construction, transition and facility operations. Understanding all aspects of the Project Agreement, she must ensure that all facility management related project deliverables are provided in accordance with the applicable sections of the Project Agreement and assist the Service Provider with the development of site-specific operational plans, policies and procedures.

Jennifer is the primary point of contact between Project Co, the Service Provider and the Client during the Operational Term to manage contractual issues relating to facility management. She also monitors the performance of the Service Provider to ensure that all obligations of the Service Provider Agreement set out in the Project Agreement are met.

Jennifer joined Fengate in 2014. She holds a Bachelor of Science and a Certificate in Project Management, and she has her Facility Management Professional designation.