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In July 2019, Lou Serafini, President and CEO of Fengate, the senior leadership team and his daughters took to Ecuador, on an informal fact-finding mission with WE. The partnership between Fengate and ME to WE started a year earlier when Fengate introduced the new ME to WE Coffee That Changes Lives™ into its offices. Fengate’s vision was to transform ME to WE Coffee That Changes Lives from a consumer choice into a testament to corporate social responsibility at the office. Lou adds, “You’re going to have coffee in your breakroom… Why not make it coffee with an impact and a story?”

With the trip to Ecuador, the Fengate team traveled over 5,000 kilometers to see the social impact created by the scale of every cup. ME to WE Coffee That Changes Lives™ launched with a simple but profound mission: to provide fair wages for farmers and empower their families. The team learned how the bitter red coffee becomes aromatic brown beans, and how drying, fermenting and roasting transform the result. “But, most importantly, we learned how buying coffee from these communities and these farmers changes lives.”

Fengate is excited and proud to share that, since introduction to its business networks, ME to WE Coffee That Changes Lives™ brought in $300,000 in its first year of office coffee service. Lou explains, “The first $100,000 was slow going… Every dollar after that gets easier as the business begins to scale and generate momentum.”

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