Investment Approach 


Customized long-term investment strategies

Fengate utilizes a proven investment approach, from opportunity initiation to investment exit. Our investment process is focused on completing detailed due diligence to ensure high quality opportunities are executed at appropriate risk-return profiles, and creating customized investment strategies to maximize value for investors.


Investment Approach graphic: Sourcing, Diligence and Approval and Asset Management


Target Asset Categories


Target Asset Categories graphic: public-private partnerships

Availability-based and select demand-based PPP assets with high predictability of revenue

  • Social infrastructure (school, hospitals, prisons, social housing and courthouses)
  • Transportation infrastructure (roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, seaports and airports)
  • Environmental infrastructure (water treatment facilities, water supply or sewer systems)
Target Asset Categories graphic: contracted power projects

Focus on contracted power, specifically development and construction of renewable and thermal power assets

  • Renewable power (solar, wind, hydro and biomass)
  • Thermal power (natural gas, co-generation)
Target Asset Categories graphic: contracted energy utilities

Focus on contracted energy utilities and operating district energy systems

Other assets include energy services contracts requiring capital investment, “inside the fence” combined heat and power, and electricity transmission.