Corporate responsibility and social impact

At Fengate, acting responsibly toward our stakeholders, our communities and those in need is fundamental to our culture and our business. One cannot have a complete picture of our firm without an understanding of our deep commitment to positive social impact, to corporate responsibility, and to giving back.

At the heart of our community efforts is the Fengate Community Foundation Fund (FCFF), established in 2010 to enhance Fengate’s philanthropic efforts and establish a more structured way of giving. The FCFF is a $1 million grant by Fengate that is administered by the Hamilton Community Foundation, ensuring donations and support reach causes and programs with the most need, within Canada and abroad.

In addition to FCFF, Fengate directly donates hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours every year in support of community and charitable organizations and events across Canada and the United States.

In 2018, Fengate launched a partnership with ME to WE which, as part of the worldwide WE Movement, believes when people come together, we can create an even better world. Our work with ME to WE is focused on building a new, long-term fundraising program to support ME to WE’s extensive charitable and education efforts, and on providing clean water to international communities in need.


We believe that investing in sustainable infrastructure and real estate projects is responsible on multiple levels; to the environment and, also, to our clients, partners and communities. Energy efficiency is critical for our natural environment and, also, reduces energy and lifecycle costs with projects and developments, saving our users and tenants, government partners and operators money. We are proud to develop and manage real estate and infrastructure projects that are LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, offering sustainable, environmentally-friendly and technologically-advanced solutions.