Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital Receives CCPPP Award for Innovation and Excellence in P3s

Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital
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On November 14th, The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP) presented the New Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital with the Gold Award in the Infrastructure category of the 2016 National Awards for Innovation and Excellence in Public-Private Partnerships (P3s) at the 24th Annual CCPPP National Conference – INNOVATING OUR FUTURE at the Sheraton Centre Hotel in downtown Toronto.

The New Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital replaces a legacy hospital. It has the capacity for 457 inpatient beds and additional space to accommodate up to 602 beds in the future.

This DBFM construction had a total project cost of $ 2 billion with the Value for Money demonstrating an estimated cost savings of $383.1 million. The partnership set a new standard for hospital construction and design in Canada, combining innovative architecture and the latest technology to deliver high-quality, efficient, patient- and family-centered healthcare.

The Awards Panel took particular note of how the new hospital is expected to act as a core economic stimulant and centre for medical excellence as an “anchored tenant” for the developing north Oakville region. Panelists were particularly impressed with the design and technology innovations in addition to the community input that contributed to the success of the project.

“We are extremely proud of the new Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital and honoured by this award. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of all those who were involved. The partnership that came together to build the new OTMH has set a new standard for hospital construction and design in Canada, combining innovative architecture and the latest in technology to deliver high quality patient and family-centred care.”

Bill Bailey, Vice President of Redevelopment, Halton Healthcare

Hospital Infrastructure Partners are proud to be recognized alongside our partners at Halton Healthcare Services with the CCPPP’s Gold Award for Infrastructure for the delivery of the new Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital. This state-of-the-art facility provides the community with high quality patient care and is a testament to the achievements of public-private partnerships in Canadian infrastructure.”

Marco Di Carlantonio, Executive Director, Fengate

“The new Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital is a wonderful example of how P3s help build and grow healthy, safe, accessible communities. Public-private partnerships have been used to build or redevelop 90 healthcare and treatment facilities across Canada over the past two decades. The innovations in their design and operations not only provide value for the money invested in the project, those innovations support improved patient care and experience.”

Mark Romoff, CCPPP President and CEO

About the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships:
Established in 1993, CCPPP is a national, non-partisan, member-based organization with broad representation from across the public and private sectors. Its mission is to promote smart, innovative and modern approaches to infrastructure development and service delivery through public-private partnerships with all levels of government. The Council is a proponent of evidence-based public policy in support of P3s, facilitates the adoption of international best practices, and educates stakeholders and the community on the economic and social benefits of public-private partnerships.