Korean Fund

Fengate launches US $180M infrastructure fund mandate with Korean institutional investors

Fengate’s global pursuit continues through its recent collaboration with KB Asset Management, the investment arm of KB Financial Group, a leading financial institution in Korea. The US $180 million investment fund will target infrastructure assets such as roads, hospitals and renew able energy in Canada and the United States. The investors in this fund are Public Officials Benefits Association, Dongbu Insurance, Heungkuk Life Insurance, Hyundai Marine and Fire Insurance and Lotte Insurance.

KB Asset Management held an Investment Fund Agreement Signing Ceremony in Seoul, Korea with representatives from Fengate Capital Management, the fund investors, the Embassy of Canada to Korea, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Korea, Samil Pw C, Shin & Kim and Korea Ratings. In his remarks at the Ceremony, Mr. Lou Serafini, President and CEO of Fengate Capital Management, gave his heartfelt thanks to everyone who had dedicated their efforts to this fund.

“We are thrilled that these global, world class institutions have endorsed Fengate and our disciplined approach to creating long term sustainable yields from infrastructure investments,” said Mr. Serafini.

Fengate’s growth strategy is focused on working to identify and target projects that provide investors with attractive, risk-adjusted returns from direct investments in infrastructure projects, and establish strategic relationships with clients, partners and lenders in select international markets. The firm currently holds offices in Canada, the United States and Australia.